Citronel Sounds Label


This is a ONE time fee to become a part of our label. With this fee you will...

  • Be featured on our social media 
  • Get 1 cassette mailed to you (with a custom label, cassette case, and J card) to see and hear what your finished product shipped is
  • Be listed on our Bandcamp where we sell cassettes from our label
  • IF your cassette sells on our Bandcamp you will get $4 per cassette sold and be mailed a check from Citronel Sounds. We do NOT Guarentee that your music will sell through us, and will only do the initial promotion on our social media.

If you purchase this, please go to our templates page and download both the J Card Template as well as the Cassette Label Template and customize it ASAP.

When finished email us both completed templates as well as your music. 

If you would like a different color cassette shell than the options listed below, please email us and we can work with you on what is available to us (this will add an additional 5-10 days on your lead time).

For more information on our social media please scroll to the bottom of the page and checkout the drop down menu with our FAQ